USA 2015 Day 7 – Nebraska

To fit in a longer run I got up at 06:30 and headed out into town; to start with I headed east with the intention of doing the loop of a field I’d planned the night before. After 2 miles though I found it to be an incredibly boring route so ran back into town and ran to the southernmost part of town. I then repeated this, returning to the crossroads and heading west and then north. When I reached the northernmost part of town I cut across in the Wayne State College campus and started running around the Wildcats athletics track. After a lap of this I stopped briefly to take a few photographs and then carried on running back to the hotel.

Breakfast was very basic – scones and bagels along with apple juice. They had hot water for making tea with, but the only tea they had was chamomile, so I didn’t bother. I then got my suitcase ready and prepared for my morning’s meeting.

On the way I got an Earl Grey tea from Miss Molly’s Coffee Company, and we arrived at the College early. The meeting went quickly and before we knew it we were going for lunch with them. We continued to talk over lunch for a couple of hours and then parted ways.

The journey back to Omaha wasn’t that bad – the hotel I would be staying in was actually on the Iowa side of the border. After checking in and ordering a shuttle bus to get to the airport the next day, I dropped off my luggage and headed into town. This quickly crossed me back into Nebraska which is where I stayed until later. The riverwalk took me along the Missouri River, and passed a pedestrian bridge into Iowa.


When I reached the Lewis and Clark landing area, I also photographed a sculpture called “Labor” before carrying on into Heartland of America Park. I walked around the edge of the water there, photographing the large fountain in the middle (and getting damp as I walked through it’s spray being blown by the wind) and then headed out and over to the Old Market.

The Old Market is where we had eaten the day before, this time as I was on my own I decided to wander around and see what was there first before deciding on the Spaghetti Works. There I ate Beef Ravioli and then got some ice cream for dessert from the shop over the road.

For the walk back I took a shorter route until I got to the pedestrian bridge – I decided to cross over that into Iowa just to have pictures of the Missouri Rivers from both sides of the border. I was back at the hotel by 20:00 and relaxed for the rest of the evening.


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