Devon Day 4 – Hartland Quay

The day started well, with a cooked breakfast, but we knew it was going to rain a lot today so made no real plans. After visiting some shops locally, and driving to both Bideford and Barnstaple we eventually settled on going to Bude, a town in Cornwall.

On the way to Bude we saw a sign for Hartland Abbey and changed our minds – we instead headed there and passed it to the Hartland Quay. This is a private piece of land that costs £2.00 to drive through, but if you follow the road to the end there is a car park outside a hotel and pub. Up until a little over 100 years ago there had been a quay here, hence the name, that had stood there since the days of King Henry VIII, but it had been washed away as the land around it eroded.

This area had been used in several big movies such as Treasure Island and Solomon Kane, and has also seen a number of shipwrecks on it’s jagged rocks (a type known as chevron folds, where the rock is upright). Whilst there I walked down the slipway and out across the rocks, hoping to try and get some photographs of these formations.

Before heading back we drank at the pub, and drove on towards the Hartland Abbey where BBC’s adaptation of Sense and Sensibility was filmed. With the rain still coming down hard though we decided it would be better for another day and so we continued on our way.


Hartland Abbey

Our next attempt was Clovelly, but again as there would be a lot of outdoor walking – up and down a hill my sister would need to manage in crutches, so we decided this would be best left for another day also. Having been a bit of a damp day (although personally I’d have been happy to do sightseeing in the rain), we went back to the cottage for the remainder of the afternoon. This did however give me chance to go through my photographs and make an attempt at organising them.

For the evening meal we went to the Waterside Inn in Westward Ho! where I had a Chicken New Yorker burger. Once I’d finished this I headed down to the beach for a while to watch the impressively big waves (which were even bigger than the night before) and dodging the incoming tide.


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