Devon Day 1 – Leicester to Weston-super-Mare

I don’t often blog about trips around the UK, but this would be a trip to a part of the country I’ve never been to before. Originally the plan was to go to the north of France for the week but various factors prevented that and instead we ended up going to a place in Devon, close to the Cornwall border. This still interested me, even if not as much as France did, as it was a chance to spend a bit of time in Cornwall and to see both the Eden Project, and Tintagel.

Tintagel, also known amongst locals as Trevena, is home to a castle which is closely tied to the legend of King Arthur Pendragon. Although there was some settlement there at the time it was first written about by Geoffrey of Monmouth, it was until 1225 that a castle was built on this land – almost 100 years later. This is why I was interested in Tintagel.

As we’d all got the Friday afternoon booked off work due to the original plan it meant we could start the journey early and break it up a little. So that afternoon we drove down to Weston-super-Mare – something that took a little longer than normal due to heavy traffic.

When we got there we found our rooms were at the front of the hotel and facing the beach – a nice surprise as it’s quite rare for us to have rooms with a sea view. Before heading out we stopped at the restaurant downstairs – a Brewer’s Fayre, where I had a lasagna. Once we’d all eaten we then went for a walk around the town, but found the pier was closed for some reason. Instead we each went off to do our own thing, with me walking down to the beach to watch the tide come in.


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