Canada Day 9/10 – Toronto to London

For my last day in Toronto we went downtown and had a look at their indoor market. I wasn’t particularly interested in it, but did have a very nice cheesecake whilst I was there. Whilst indoors it started to rain incredibly heavy, but we didn’t have to wait long before it eased off enough to carry on walking around the city.

After one last meal we took the subway to the airport and parted ways once more. Security took quite some time to go through, though I’m not entirely sure why – it seemed a little disorganised, and in part from the passengers not following instructions. For the next couple of hours I sat around the airport and watched some TV on my laptop until it was time to board the plane.

Not long after boarding the plane we heard that there was some delay as the toilets were not working and would need to be looked at before we could leave. By 11:30 they announced that we would be “de-planing” and would need to board another plane at 01:30. Once everyone had disembarked we all stood around the new gate waiting to hear what was happening – they began boarding at 01:15 and this time it didn’t take long for everyone to board.

I was getting quite tired, but then there was another announcement – we wouldn’t be leaving yet as due to the delay it meant one of the pilots would need to come off shift during the flight and so we were now waiting for another pilot to arrive. At around 02:00 we finally moved away from the gate and began the long journey home to England.

Although the plane landed at around 13:00 it was some time before my luggage appeared on the carousel. This time I needed to make my own way home so took the tube to Kings Cross, but delayed by helping a Polish girl to use the ticket machines as this was her first time in England. It cost £6 for the tube ticket and then a further £58 an hour later at St. Pancreas for a train ticket to Leicester.

By the time I left London it was 16:15, but at last it was the last leg of the journey – getting me home just over an hour later. It had been another long trip, but also very varied with plenty of opportunities for photographs. I know it’s unlikely I’d go back to Mexico – I’ve done that now, but may return to Canada at some point in the future to see more of the country.


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