Weymouth 2014 Day 7 – Around Weymouth

I got up at 06:30 to go for one last run along the coast. This one was once again a 20 minute easy paced run which ended up becoming a 25 minute run — just enough to make it a 5K at a slowish pace (probably fairer to say it was half way between easy and race paces). This morning though it was cloudy and damp following the previous night’s thunderstorms so there wasn’t as good a view.

Today we didn’t make it out of the house until 10:00 and at this time it was till cloudy. Despite this we decided we’d head back to Portland Bill. As we’d had a stop along the way it meant by the time we’d got there it was time to have lunch. Following a cup of tea we then cooked some pork and apple burgers on the camping stove and went to photograph some 6-spotted Burnet moths whilst they cooked (the burgers, not the moths!).

6-spotted Burnett Moth

Portland Bill

After lunch we went for a walk around a different part of Portland Bill and found an area where you could climb down (with some effort) to a sandy beach that was gradually disappearing under the waves.

I then climbed around to some other rocks where you could see a crane that is used for lifting small boats in and out of the water. Whilst there I saw a boat for some scuba divers be prepared and then lowered into the water. Once the boat had started moving the two scuba divers jumped off the cliff into the water.

Whilst we were at Portland Bill there were times when it was obvious the sun was trying to break through the clouds, but by the time we left it looked like it could rain at any minute. It didn’t though, even by the time we got back to Weymouth.

To start with the others spent some time in the amusement arcade once again. I did go in with them briefly but thought it would be cooler outside. After a while the clouds finally dissipated and the sun came out, and quickly started to get warm. To make the most of the soaring temperature I quickly got back to the car and changed into swimming trunks before heading down to the beach.

We then drove back to the house and walked around to the go-karting next to Sea Life. It cost £5.00 for a single go-kart and £7.00 for a double. My Dad and myself each had a single go-kart and my Mum and Sister had a double between them. Having done go-karting once before I knew roughly how they could handle so soon overtook my Dad and then lapped my Mum and Sister. By the time the we’d done I’d lapped each of them a few times around the track.

We were going to try the crazy golf next door, but it seemed that £6.50 per person was a little expensive compared to others we’d been to before. So instead we headed back to the house and then drove round to the chip shop on the seafront. This was the same one we’d been to on Saturday. This time though we got some extra chicken nuggets for free as they’d cooked too many and didn’t have any other customers at the time.

Once we got back to the house once more, myself and my Dad then headed around to the RSPB Loodmoor nature reserve. It’s about 15 minutes away from the house when walking as you can cut across some grassy areas to get there. The ability to view the wildlife here isn’t brilliant as a lot of the foliage is seriously overgrown. There is the odd place though where you can see, and we found that there was at least one viewing point. Whilst there we saw various species of duck, heron, egret, lapwing, moorhen and Canada Geese.

Finally our last full day had come to an end. The following day we would be heading back home, and at that point it would then be 11 weeks until my next trip – to New York City.


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