Weymouth 2014 Day 2 – West Dorset

I got up at 06:30, particularly early for a Sunday, so I could go for a “long” run before breakfast. I decided to take it at a very slow pace along the seafront. This route took me over the bridge to where we’d walked the day before.

The run felt easy and I didn’t have any knee issues during the actual run. Later in the day though I did feel the odd twinge in my knee when going down hill. When I’d finished the run I then spent 10 minutes in the park on the exercise equipment there as I figured it would be a good way to cool down. The run was less than 50 minutes as the marathon training plan I was following (one which is not too intensive due to my recent knee issues) stated it should be a 40 minute run. As I was close to 5 miles at that point, at my slower than 10K race pace, I carried on until I’d finished 5 miles.

Back at the house I quickly showered and then had breakfast – a nice cooked breakfast to start the day. For today the plan was to head west, in the direction of West Bay. It was a windy road along the coastal path, but it was filled with good views of the sea. It was possible to go a faster and straighter way, but it wouldn’t have been as scenic – it’s sometimes better to take the slower route so you can see what else there is around.

“Broadchurch Police Station”

When we got to West Bay we parked in front of an old railway building that had been turned into a cafe and walked towards the waterfront. As we walked around the harbour we then split up and went in different directions. Myself and my Dad continued around the harbour whilst my Mum and Sister went in the amusement arcade. On the opposite side of the harbour was a building that was used as the police station in the TV series, Broadchurch. In actual life it’s a shop that sells bits for motorbikes, and probably some apartments above it. As far as I know it was only used for the exterior shots – the interior shots may have been in a studio.

Starling (Sturnus vulgaris)

We’d still got some time after this so we continued out onto the pier and watched a cormorant for a while before heading back. We then all sat down for a cup of tea and half a slice of Dorset apple cake. As I guessed before we saw it, Dorset apple cake is basically a sponge cake with bits of apple in it. Whilst sitting there some starlings got incredibly close, including at least one juvenile one. Once we’d done we headed over to the pebble beach.

West Bay beach

Trilobite Fossil

This pebble beach was also used in Broadchurch and was one of the first things you see in the series with the towering cliffs overlooking the beach. In the TV series this beach was used as the location the murdered boy was found in what was set up to appear like a suicide or accident from the cliffs. In real life the cliffs themselves have crumbled recently and you can see this from a mound that is left at the base of them.

From West Bay we continued on around the coast to Lyme Regis, the area of Dorset that borders with Devon, and another part of the Jurassic Coast. This area is very hilly so we tried to park as close to the bottom as we could. Whilst here I looked at some fossils in a shop and ended up buying a large trilobite fossil for £66. A few doors down we went in a fudge shop and I spent another £2.20 on getting fudge for myself. We then walked along the sea front for a while, before heading back to the car.

By the time of our next stop it was around 14:00, so was quite late for lunch, but we still weren’t that hungry. We stopped in a National Trust car park and had a piece of pork pie and sausage roll before going down onto the beach. This beach had very fine stones on it, so it was okay going down to the water, but getting back up was hard work and painful on the feet (as the stones would dig into your feet, and move underfoot).

Lyme Regis

Eventually we got back to Weymouth and dropped the car off at the house. By the time we were ready it was just before 17:00 so we walked across the park to the nearby Brewers Fayre. I spent £15 on an 8oz Sirloin Steak with peppercorn sauce and a “bottomless” drink of Fanta. Though I went with a glass of Apple Fanta and then one of orange.

For the rest of the evening we relaxed back at the house and watched Titanic.


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