Weymouth 2014 Day 1 – Leicester To Weymouth

We got up at 06:30ish and straight after breakfast started loading the car up ready for our holiday down in Weymouth. By 07:30 we were on the road heading south.

One of our stops was at Uffington to see the Bronze-age white horse carved in chalk on the side of the hill there, and to have a cup of tea. It’s not that easy to see properly though as it’s at an angle where seeing it from the air would be better. I didn’t find this out though until I’d walked half a mile from the car park to get there whilst my parents and sister waited at the car.

Uffington White Horse

Finding it to be pointless I then ran back to the car at an easy pace and at one point thought I’d twisted my ankle when I came across a hidden hole in the ground; but it turned out to be okay. Within a few steps I couldn’t even tell that I’d done it.

Our next stop was at Old Sarum to have lunch. Old Sarum is a medieval castle built by William the Conqueror and then reinforced by later Kings. Sadly we didn’t go in, but at only £4.00 I’d have liked to. From the entry price for this English Heritage site I suspect that there isn’t much to see though. From there we drove through the historic city of Salisbury, the cathedral of which we could see from our previous stop.

Old Sarum

We then didn’t stop again until we reached Weymouth at around 13:30. We were early getting to the house we’d be staying at for the week, but fortunately it turned out it was ready for us. We unloaded the car and then went for a walk behind the house, across the park and over the road to where a pebble beach could be found.

At the time it seemed that the beach was going to be all pebble, but after jumping in the car and going for a drive we found that quite some way down the beach, passed where the pier used to be, that there was in fact some sand.

Weymouth was absolutely packed though due to a seafood festival sponsored by a champagne company. It meant that there was a lot of people (standing around drinking mostly), and most of them likely drunk also (despite it being only mid-afternoon). We went down one side of the harbour to start with, not far from Nothe Fort, and then walked back over the bridge and down the other side. We took this opportunity to see where we’d be heading to Guernsey from in a few days time.

Weymouth Harbour

Once back at the car we didn’t go far before deciding to go for some chips, so we parked up again literally several hundred metres down the road and then walked to find a chip shop. I went for chips and chicken nuggets and found it incredibly filling. They were however very nice chips. On the way there my sister managed to spend around £75 on “Charlie Bears” from a shop that was closing down.

Back at the house we then relaxed for a while and had a cup of tea. My sister and myself then went to the park to use the exercise equipment there. Whilst there I decided it might be good to use this park equipment following tomorrows morning run as a cool down. It’s quite nice to have an outdoor gym, even though I’ve never stepped foot in actual gym in my life.

I then sat and watched TV for the rest of the evening.


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