Antarctica Day 23 – Buenos Aires to Madrid

After a long day it was good to wake up fairly relaxed; we just needed to have breakfast and wait for the taxi to the airport at 09:00. The breakfast in this hotel was nowhere near as good as the boat – unfortunate considering it was a 5 star hotel.

The driver arrived at the hotel early but then had to wait longer for us as it took ages for the hotel staff to process payment for our bill. Originally I thought as they confirmed they had my credit card details on record they’d be able to automatically charge it to that. However it still required the use of the actual card so decided I’d use cash to speed up the process. This then took them close to 15 minutes to process the payment of US$37 in cash. I have no idea why it should take so long, maybe it was just incompetence.

The drive to the airport from the hotel was about 30 minutes; the driver not talking but listening to his music for the entire journey. Checking the luggage was quite a wait, but they were okay with my friend’s luggage being overweight – so that was helpful. It was also great that they spoke good English and confirmed with us the details for the connecting flights.

Unusually the security check allowed water to be taken through and did not require laptops removing from bags. Most international airports I’ve been to require both of these as standard! I did wonder how the passport control would go though, as in the time since my passport had been stamped on arrival it had been stamped with one for the Falkland Islands on the same page. As they still claim the UK illegally occupy the Malvinas (their name for the Falkland Islands) I did wonder if they’d object to this. Fortunately after staring at the page for a minute and writing what seemed like an essay, they let me through to the departure gates.

The gate had changed twice since we’d arrived at the airport, but then remained as the same one by the time we were there. The flight had exactly the same films available as the previous so when they served food I watched “Phantom” on the basis there was nothing better to watch I’d not already seen. Surprisingly the meal choices were exactly the same as the flight out a few weeks previous as well.

As the day came to a close we were given an unbuttered bread roll with a slice of cheese; at this time I decided to watch “The Frozen Ground” to try and pass the time.


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