East Africa – Preparation

A safari is one of the things I’ve always wanted to do, so I’d planned quite some time in advance that I’d go on one in 2013. Not long after booking this trip though I also booked a trip to Norway which would take place only a few weeks before this one was planned to start.

This meant that in going to Africa two weeks after getting back from Norway I was practically going from one extreme to another with an estimated temperature difference of 60°C. For the safari I would be travelling to Kenya and then to Tanzania in hope of seeing as many different animals as possible.

For this trip there was very little preparation required once the trip was booked – just a case of making sure my immunisations were up to date and that I’d got suitable clothes for a safari. As it turned out the only immunisation I’d need beforehand was to ensure I’d got anti-malaria tablets. This was a bit of a challenge due to an incompetent GP, though got it sorted with plenty of time to spare.

About a week before I was due to fly out I bought a second camera body to take – a Canon EOS 5D mk3. I’d already got the mk2 but would be taking both so I could leave one camera on each lens to avoid any dust getting inside, or missing any shots whilst changing lenses. It seemed like a good idea.


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