Iceland Day 4 – Heading Home

The following morning 05:00 seemed far too early after at most 5 hours of sleep. We thought we were being picked up at 05:15 so got ready quickly and checked out. Whilst we were standing around the receptionist told us we could get tea and coffee downstairs so we quickly headed down for a drink. To our surprise we could have actually had breakfast despite the signs saying breakfast didn’t officially start until 07:00. So with no breakfast we were eventually picked up at 05:45 and were taken back to the Reykjavik Excursions building for the last time to change over to the shuttle bus that would take us to the airport.

It took around 45 minutes to get to the airport and it stopped only once to pick up another passenger. The airport is actually quite a small one as we could see arrivals from the departure entrance and at that time was already practically in front of the gates. The check-in was relatively quick and fortunately we’d managed to decrease the weight in our suitcases to ensure we wouldn’t have to pay an excess baggage fee. Unfortunately going through security I had to empty my backpack of camera equipment (always seems to happen at least once per trip), though they were good enough to repack it (very well) for me afterwards.

Just after security we had a good look around for somewhere to get breakfast and found a place that served what resembled a full English breakfast. It was relatively cheap compared to other meals, but was still expensive for a breakfast. The bacon wasn’t great either as it looked and tasted like they’d started to cook it a few days previous (so probably since we arrived). It was however much needed food that could keep us going until we could get some lunch back in England.

The shops in the airport aren’t too bad, and interestingly the electrical store did sell camera equipment cheaper than it’s Heathrow counterpart. There is also a 66° North shop that sells Icelandic souvenirs similar to what we’d seen previous and a bookshop that also sold books about Iceland and it’s Sagas – both good ways of using up leftover currency.

After this we then headed through passport control and to the gate where unexpectedly they weigh every single bag that is going onboard as hand luggage. Though even if you’re over, which we both were, they don’t appear to charge you. One person was even 3Kg over and did not get charged. I would assume they do this just to keep track of the weight that is being put onto the plane.
Eventually we were back on a plane and heading home.


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