Ecuador Day 7 – San Cristobal

Magnificent Frigatebirds on Leon Dormidos

It was an earlier start than we were used to – up at 06:00 to watch Frigate birds nesting on Leon Dormido – a sheer-walled array of rock. After breakfast we then continued on until we reached San Cristobal; the other island with an airport.

“Leon Dormido” Rock formation

One dry landing later we took a bus to the interpretation centre to have a look around. Though personally I don’t think it was worth the effort – most of the information can be found online anyway (and without grammatical errors). Once we were done there we were driven back into town to do some shopping; I bought a hat for US$15 and a keying for $5.

Isla San Cristobel: Interpretation Centre

We had to wander around for a while due to the pangas being late to pick us up. During this excursion we dropped off an American couple but gained a British couple as we were heading back. Lunch consisted of a nice cordon blue chicken and a very tasty cake for dessert.

At 14:30 we headed back to the same island and took a bus to a beach full of shells. After over an hour of this we were then given another hour in town. If I’d known this was the plan for the afternoon I’d have spent it reading on the boat. On our return the meal was beef, pasta and carrots followed by a kind of chocolate moose. As we were told the boat would be navigating from 23:30 against currents until 06:30 another early night was required.


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