Ecuador Day 6 – Espanola

The boat had been moving for most of the night which meant more sleep deprivation. Again breakfast was at 07:00, so no chance to catch up on sleep either!

Galapagos Albatross (Phoebastria irrorata), Española

The panga was a bit of a rough ride due to some high waves, but we made a dry landing onto some rocks. The landing area was quite sandy so again was filled with sea lions. The walk on this island was around 3Km in sweltering heat, and featured the usual wildlife with the addition of nesting albatrosses and a Galapagos hawk. About halfway we came across an area used by marine iguanas for nesting. Some were digging holes, whilst others watched; occasionally a fight broke out over territory as well. At the end of the walk is a blowhole where waves from the ocean blast up metres into the air. Afterwards it was then a u-turn heading back the way we came.


The boat then moved off around to another part of Espanola whilst we were eating lunch. At 14:30 it was time for another deep water snorkel. This time the water was incredibly clear with the visibility being over 10 metres. I didn’t see any fish I hadn’t seen before but it was pleasant to be in water so warm. An hour later we were back on the pangas to get back to the boat. Quickly getting ready we then headed back out to a beachy part of Espanola where we had a free hour to do whatever we wanted. We left as the sun set and we were greeted by peach juice and ham and cheese sandwiches.

Española: Beach

The evening meal was grilled pork with potatoes and rice. I skipped the desert which was a tree tomato – apparently they have a very sharp flavour and a lot of seeds. To end the evening we all went up onto the top deck to gaze at the stars. Being so far from built-up areas meant the conditions were perfect for astronomy.

Galápagos Marine Iguana


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