India Day 1 – The Journey Begins…

Sunday was a day of nothing but travel. With the flight being just after mid-day it meant we had no choice but to leave out first thing in the morning to catch our plane to Chennai via Dubai. The Emirates 747-300 plane had the usual slew of new and old movies to help pass the time and the food was just “passable”. I don’t mean passable as in you see it and you wouldn’t want to eat it, but that it was just edible. Of the two options available the lamb sounded like the safest option, but it was still pretty poor (as you’d normally expect for airplane food).

By the time we landed in Dubai International Airport the sun had long since set which meant our only view of the city was what little was illuminated. The airport is probably one of the best airports I’ve been in (and I’ve been in a few!) with it’s faux marble floors and polished steel decorations it looked like a very expensive place. For those interested in the final match of the 2010 World Cup, this was also playing on several screens near various departure gates. Fortunately as the time was getting late (or early depending on your perspective) it was only a short wait until our connecting flight to Chennai.


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