Oceania Day 9 – The Great Barrier Reef Day 1

This was a really early start so we could be picked up at 06:05 to be taken to the ProDive boat. Once aboard the boat we were assigned safety numbers and quarters. It was then a really rough 3 hour journey out to the Great Barrier Reef. Even with seasickness tablets my friend didn’t take the trip too well and spent most the day hung over the railings.

Returning to ship

Eventually I got to suit up and get took a giant stride into the water. Unfortunately I just couldn’t equalise the pressure in my ears so decided not to proceed any further. I returned to the boat having lost my chance to get a PADI certification. Later in the afternoon I did get to go for a snorkel and swam with jellyfish, a school of fish and a shark. It was pretty disappointing knowing I wouldn’t be able to get certified.

Whilst on the boat there is always something to eat after every dive so that those who have been diving can get some energy back.

Sunset over the Coral Sea


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