Oceania Day 8 – Diving Day 2

Our second day of training in the classroom and the pool started with us preparing our equipment and then getting a talk about the different masks, snorkels, and fins available. After this we then tried the other basic skills which are required such as the CESAR – a last resort ascent to the surface when you’re out of air. This technique took me four attempts to get right which was a pain as until then everything had gone quite smoothly (other than the pressure problems with my ears). That afternoon we took another quiz and the final exam both of which I got all the correct answers for – a very pleasing outcome.

That evening we attempted to cook some kievs and roast veg but found our apartment didn’t actually have an oven. We attempted to boil the vegetables and microwave the chicken kievs but it was a disaster and meant we had to resort to another meal at Wildfire. Their Ravioli Wildfire was a very tasty dish and didn’t even cost that much. That evening we had to pack our suitcases once more so we only had the bare essentials in our backpacks.


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