Peru Day 15 – The End

Saturday was our final day in Peru, by the end of the day we would be in the air and well on our way back home. This last day I woke up to a mild earthquake at around 8am, it didn’t last very long and did no damage whatsoever but because of how rare they are in England it was a strange experience. To help pass the morning we went and visited the Gold Museum in the mall after breakfast. The exhibitions they have there cover a huge period of Peru’s history with artifacts made from gold that archaeologists have uncovered. It is this abundance of gold in Inca culture and the way one tribe would coat a priest in gold during a religious ceremony which lead to the legend of El Dorado (Spanish for “The Golden One”) and the eventual story of the Mysterious Cities of Gold. A lot of the exhibits were from the Sicán era of Peru’s history and we weren’t allowed to take photographs in there. At dinner we tried one of the restaurants on “Pizza Street”, a street filled with restaurants aimed at tourists. I think it was here we had the worst meal of the entire holiday with the chicken swimming in grease. Back at the Sonesta Miraflores we hastily finished off our packing and headed to the airport. The flight was again a long one, and by the time we were back in England is was mid-afternoon on Sunday.

Sixteen days after we first set off to Peru we had seen many of the sights that Peru had to offer, and experienced their culture and we came back with an understanding of the country and the people in it. We had flown over amazing pictograms carved into the Nasca desert and seen so much wildlife that we couldn’t have seen in England without them being in a zoo. It truly was an amazing Peru.


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