Peru Day 14 – The Beginning of the End

The fourteenth day was the first of our long journey home. This first leg of our journey consisted of a drive from Puno to a nearby town where we could take an aeroplane to Lima – yet another 6:30am start for the 9:25am flight. By 12 noon we’d checked back into the Sonesta Miraflores hotel and were ready for food. This day we had quite a different meal, we went to Peru’s only mall and ate at one of the restaurants there – which was actually an American style diner with everything in English instead of Spanish. I think this one was probably the biggest meal I’d had over the fortnight getting a rather generous helping of fries and 1/4 of a BBQ chicken. That afternoon we also found a cheaper Internet cafe where we were able to check-in with KLM for the following day’s flight back to England (via Schiphol). That afternoon we also watched “Prince Caspian” in the mall’s cinema which was fun – it was in English and subtitled in Spanish but it wasn’t going to be out for a few more weeks in England.


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