Egypt Day 1 – Arriving in Egypt

It was night when we landed in Egypt, and it was hard to judge what the place was like just from the airport at night, but it didn’t take long to find the guy from Expedia waiting for us, and to his credit he did get us through customs quite quickly. On the way to the car it was obvious what Cairo might be like from the number of people begging at the airport. Once out of the airport and onto the roads it really was something totally different; the traffic laws don’t seem to be the same as here in England – on just that night alone we saw taxi cabs blowing their horns at police vehicles, you wouldn’t see that here! Though as we’d find out the following morning, that was the least of what their roads were like.

After about half an hour we’d finally made it to the Oasis hotel, in the middle of nowhere on the “desert road”. It was a nice looking place, complete with armed tourism police – definately  something to either make you feel safe, or wonder why they’re needed. Anyway, one of the hotels bell hop’s led us to our “room” which was welcome – it’d been a tiring journey and was in dire need of some rest. The room was amazingly hot, but fortunately the air conditioning did a good job of cooling the room off, though it was very noisy making it hard to sleep well.


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